Тренинг ATAGO, Июнь 2015 (22 Июнь. 2015)

Регулярные тренинги компании ATAGO прошли с 8 по 12 Июнь. Технические специалисты сервис-центров принимали участие в тренингах по повышению квалификации.

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2015 Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund.(Apri 30, 2015)

Our thoughts are with the survivors of the Nepal earthquake that occurred on April 25, 2015. Through the Red Cross, ATAGO has donated to the "2015 Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund." We wish Nepal a full and speedy recovery.

New "ATAGO NIGERIA" Branch to Be Established (2015. 04. 20)

Plans to establish "ATAGO NIGERIA" as a new branch location have been made for May 21, 2015.

Through Nigeria's current industrial development and growth, we hope to cultivate a whole new market in West Africa and provide optimal service to meet the needs of our customers.


ATAGO CO.,LTD. has been rated the top grade "aaa" by STANDARD & POOR'S ! (2015. 3. 27)

In March, 2015, ATAGO CO.,LTD has received the top grade "aaa" from Japan SME Rating (SME=Small & Medium Sized Enterprise), which is presented by STANDARD & POOR'S, the world's foremost provider of independent credit ratings.
スタンダード&プアーズ SEM 中堅・中小企業格付け 2013 12月期決済 aaa
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PAL-COFFEE Presented at Japan Brewers Cup (12. Февраль, 2015)

As a sponsor of this event, the PAL-COFFEE will be featured during the Japan Brewers Cup Competition, at the Specialty Coffee Association of Japan Show held in February 2015. JBrC