New ATAGO Factory ( Fukaya, Saitama Prefecture )

3.Oct, 2011

ATAGO is honored to have received the 2011 Japanese Good Design Award for the new Fukaya Factory.
The factory was recognized for its well-thought-out structural engineering, which is evident in the building design and integration of sustainable materials.

June, 2011

The factory is ready for full production.

Fukaya Factory   Fukaya Factory
Fukaya Factory Fukaya Factory Fukaya Factory

14.May, 2011

A ceremony to celebrate the completion of the factory was held.

Fukaya Factory Fukaya Factory

26.April, 2011

The new factory in the City of Fukaya has completed. The front side of the building as well as the sliding doors to the terrace are all glass windows.
We appreciate all the hard work that went into the construction of this beautiful building.

fukaya fukaya fukaya
4.March, 2011

The roof and exterior walls have been connected.

25.February, 2011

The exterior and electrical work is in progress.


9.February, 2011

The interior construction is finishing up.

26.January, 2011

The steel frame is being painted.

14.January, 2011

Folded radial walls are being installed.

15.December, 2010

Roof-fastening brackets are being installed.

8.December, 2010

A topping out ceremony was held.

1.December, 2010

The framework is ongoing.

29.November, 2010

A load-bearing column ceremony was conducted. This Shinto ritual is performed in the hope of a long-lasting solidity of the building.

10.November, 2010

The formwork in the area "B" also has been dismantled.

27.October, 2010

The formwork in the area "A" has been dismantled. The concrete walls are being insulated. Backfilling, embanking, and rolling compaction works are also in progress.

20.October, 2010

The construction of the structural frame is ongoing.
The construction site has been divided into two parts, "A" and "B," and the pouring of concrete is taking place area by area.
After steel concrete molds were installed on the scaffolding, concrete was poured in the "A" area.

8.October, 2010

The installation of 57 deep foundations has been completed. The construction of the structural frame will soon begin.

August, 2010

Construction has started on the new ATAGO factory, and excavation has completed. A stake 350mm in diameter and 10m in length has been cemented in the ground.

30.July, 2010

In July of 2010, construction has begun on the new ATAGO factory in Fukaya, Saitama Prefecture.
A jichinsai ceremony was performed before the groundbreaking of the new building.